About iLoop

Are you spending too many hours a day with the tedious tasks of planning your schedule, organizing meetings, making appointments, or coordinating social outings with friends?

iLoop is more than just a scheduling and time management tool; it is a personal assistant and concierge that offers much more.
If you are ready to transform your hectic days, let iLoop’s automated and efficient technology help you.
Get iLoop, and get your life back.

iLoop Life

Coordinating meetings or events by finding common time slots of all the participants as well as identifying suitable venues convenient to everyone.
Consideration to save time, optimizing event date, time and location so least travel time is added to participants daily life, based on live traffic, as well as shortest wait periods at a venue.
Confirming the event, meeting or appointment. iLoop can auto-reserve for you at the venue.
As iLoop gets to know your interests and activities, it can offer suggestions that meet your interests. For example, if you are meeting with architects in a particular area, iLoop can inform you of other architects to potentially meet with.
Continually optimizing your routine activities and tasks, even down to your grocery shopping and gym workouts. You also can manually add things, supplementing the automatic activities iLoop provides.
Updating you as traffic or lines at a venue change so you can adjust plans accordingly. For meetings with other participants, iLoop incorporates an indicator to inform you if participants will be on time (calculations incorporate live traffic).
Travel recommendations are learned by iLoop per your preferences (public, private, on foot). iLoop considers both public transportation schedules as well as live traffic reports, and can auto-arrange taxi transportation for you. Let iLoop inform you what time you need to leave to arrive in proper time to your destination.
As needed, iLoop can incorporate air travel and lodging.
For long distance communicating, iLoop can also allow considerations for conference/video call and provide scheduling ideal times.
Reserving restaurants, hotels, car rentals, travel (air, trains, buses, taxis) and other services or products based on your preferences.

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