Welcome to iLoop

There is a known John Muir quote that most of us can relate to: "The mountains are calling, and I must go."

How many steps are in between you and your mountains? Between you and your goals? Whether it's the bright lights of the big city, the tapestry of stars across a dark night, the ultimate family road trip, the ultra-efficient conference meeting schedule... iLoop optimizes your most important resource: time. The benefits and opportunities iLoop offers for you are endless. Whether you are a salesman, CEO, scheduler for a CEO, financial planner or investor, soccer mom, bride planning a wedding, or even a college student, iLoop can optimize your world.

For most people, time is their most important resource. There just never seems to be enough time to do everything we need to do; couldn’t you use at least another hour or two every day? Research shows that lack of time management creates stress that affects all of us in adverse ways, including health, employment and marital issues. Some turn in desperation to time management coaches for help, others just chug along in a frazzled way, and others learn to multi-task and collapse with exhaustion at the end of the day from all the planning, organizing, time managing, and coordinating. From doctor’s appointments to carpools, from business meetings to social outings, iLoop can ease your time management challenges by using automation to remove many of the personal or professional tasks you are doing manually.

What makes iLoop stand apart from other automated scheduling tools? It does more than just act as a scheduler for you. How does it work?

Let’s say you need to travel from New York to Philadelphia to meet Bob for a business meeting. iLoop will scout the schedules of both you and Bob, identify mutual time slots that are open, incorporate traffic or public transportation schedules (depending on your preference) to determine which time slots offer you the least travel hassles, and then schedule the meeting on your calendar. iLoop can then suggest ideal meeting venues convenient for you and Bob, make the restaurant reservation, send you a reminder about the meeting, and give you real time updates on traffic from your current location to the restaurant so you can get there on time. From start to finish, iLoop is designed to make your meeting planning and scheduling run smoothly.

And this can be used for doctor’s appointments, soccer practice carpool, your daily yoga class, or to find a hairdresser in Chicago when you are there on a business trip.

You will spend less time planning but also less time getting to your meetings or events because of the real-time updates. So, what will you do with the free time iLoop will give you? Get in more client meetings so you can impress the boss with increased revenues? Curl up on a couch and read a good book? Finally get to the gym? Spend more time with your children? Now you can finally go to the mountains.

Try iLoop…and let us know how this revolutionary tool is revolutionizing your life.